Your opportunity to acquire either 1.70 acres or 1.60 acres of land via CPR for under $2 million. CC&R’ s allow for a maximum of 50% lot coverage with onsite parking & loading. Mililani Tech Park is a very serene business park environment with many shaded trees and upscale constructed buildings. Hawaii Self Storage, Oceanic Time Warner Cable, Verizon Wireless, Crown Pacific Hawaii, Islander Group, PODS Hawaii, American Electric and Tony Group are among the prestigious group of owners in Mililani Tech Park.

Mililani Tech Park (MTP) is conveniently located just off the H-2 freeway within 5 minutes of Waipio Gentry Business Park. This location has good access to both on and off ramps in both directions. Miss all of the Ewa Beach and Kapolei traffic. 25 minutes from Downtown CBD, 17 minutes from the Airport & 22 minutes to the Harbors.