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Facility Management

Purchasing (Procurement and contract)

One of the main reason clients come to SRC is that we keep them profitable while still achieving the mission of the location. Its this well-balanced approached that sets us apart from our competitors.

Construction Management

We coordinate work with contractors to ensure buildings are in compliance with federal and state regulations, and projects are completed as budgeted or approved by our clients.

Building Maintenance and Repair

Sofos Realty knows that the cornerstone of your location’s reputation is the day-to-day maintenance and repair that keep tenants and visitors happy.

Contractor Management

Our expert managers coordinate work that cannot be handled by regular maintenance staff. Only qualified vendors are used, guaranteeing cost effective, quality workmanship.

Vendor Management

We manage all of the vendors needed to support the operation of the facility. We use a bidding system that gets the best possible service, for the lowest possible price.

As a locally owned and operated organization we stake everything on our reputation – just like you. So, we treat the properties we represent with the respect and care you would expect from a Kamaaina company.

Our facility and physical management services provide you with the peace of mind that your location will be immaculately maintained, comfortably profitable and secure.

We offer a complete set of facility and physical management services, delivered by experienced, professionals who are experts in their fields.

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